Yandex introduced won web browser to rival Google

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Yandex web browser

Yandex web browser


Yandex introduced its won web browser to rival Google. Yandex is the largest search engine before Google in Russia and internationally, Google has announced the fight. Yandex.Browser 1.0 is available in Russian and English for Windows and Mac OS.

The browser comes from the open source Chromium project which is also the basis for Google’s Chrome. Accordingly Yandex.Browser resembles the Google browser in many details such as the combined address and search bar which already makes suggestions as you type.

Even many Chrome extensions can be exploited easily. However, in comparison to Chrome lacks the sync feature with which bookmarks, extensions can be, and more settings synced across the cloud.

Also under the hood is similar to the browser. Yandex.Browser Google is lagging behind a bit. The Russian browser appears with the version number Chrome/19.0.1084.5402, the current Chrome with number Chrome/22.0.1229.79.

Among the unique features of the Russian supply offer shall include a built-in virus protection. It was in our tests but nothing noted the tentative downloaded (harmless) test virus EICAR anyway let Yandex.Browser through anyway. For the next version Yandex has announced collaboration with Opera. Yandex.Browser should then get Opera’s Web Accelerator Turbo, the contents of a compressed proxy redirects to save traffic and speed up surfing.

Yandex also competes against Google in the mobile sector. The company has announced its own store for Android applications. The competitor for Google to play with 38,000 apps goes soon at the start. Even for Yandex has partnered with Opera Software with The Next Web Browser.