Top Symphony Mobile with Price list in Bangladesh

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Symphony Mobile Phone is a more popular phone in Bangladesh. Already it has made a big market here specially by its price. Symphony Mobile price is cheap than any other brand. Day by day Symphony Mobile price is reducing but its advantages are increasing.

At present days are the days of smartphone mobile. The people, specially educated & young generation are seeking a mobile phone with all features in all such as extensive operating system, quality camera, fast internet speed, smooth music quality and comfortable price. There are many phones in Bangladeshi mobile market. But if u look for a smart or comfortable price phone you can direct chose Symphony Mobile.

symphony mobile price

This phone will go on to launch new & modern quality products and is fully convinced of pleasing to Bangladeshi customers.

Symphony mobile price is different with verity of hand set.  It is different with price, feature, design, weight, color & size etc. Symphony offers his customers wide range of choice.

Symphony Mobile Price list

Symphony Mobile Model

Price ( TK )      

Symphony Mobile Price ( Classic )

Symphony B2Tk. 1,130.00
Symphony B31Tk. 1,450.00
Symphony B32Tk. 1,490.00
Symphony B32iTk. 1,550.00
Symphony B3iTk. 1,350.00
Symphony B4Tk. 1,370.00
Symphony B45Tk. 1,850.00
Symphony B4iTk. 1,400.00

Symphony Mobile Price ( Feature )

Symphony D130Tk. 2,590.00
Symphony D45Tk. 1,590.00
Symphony D46iTk. 2,340.00
Symphony D51Tk. 1,870.00
Symphony D53Tk. 1,760.00
Symphony D54Tk. 1,970.00
Symphony D56Tk. 1,900.00
Symphony D56iTk. 1,900.00
Symphony D66iTk. 2,890.00
Symphony D67Tk. 2,860.00
Symphony D80Tk. 2,225.00
Symphony D95Tk. 2,000.00
Symphony M20Tk. 1,925.00
Symphony M40Tk. 2,240.00
Symphony M80Tk. 2,000.00
Symphony M81Tk. 1,990.00
Symphony X94Tk. 2,090.00
Symphony X96Tk. 2,350.00

Symphony Mobile price ( Style )

Symphony S101iTk. 2,240.00
Symphony S102Tk. 2,730.00
Symphony S102iTk. 2,190.00
Symphony S103Tk. 2,990.00
Symphony T46Tk. 2,340.00
Symphony T60Tk. 2,420.00

Symphony Mobile price (Touch )

Symphony FT01Tk. 2,240.00
Symphony FT02Tk. 2,790.00
Symphony FT02iTk. 2,490.00
Symphony FT03Tk. 2,550.00
Symphony FT04Tk. 2,630.00
Symphony FT04iTk. 2,840.00
Symphony FT29Tk. 2,690.00
Symphony FT31Tk. 2,940.00
Symphony FT33Tk. 2,890.00
Symphony FT35Tk. 3,090.00
Symphony FT36iTk. 2,890.00
Symphony FT37Tk. 4,090.00
Symphony FT39Tk. 3,390.00
Symphony FT45Tk. 4,490.00

Symphony Mobile Price ( Xplorer )

Symphony W125Tk. 14,990.00
Symphony Xplorer W20Tk. 5,150.00
Symphony Xplorer W90Tk. 11,990.00




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