Teletalk introduces 3g service, first 3G network in Bangladesh

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Recently Teletalk introduces 3g service in Bangladesh. Even in impoverished Bangladesh can now exchange a few people with their cell phones very fast data and videos. The mobile operator Teletalk shut on by the government release its first 3G network for fast data transmission.

Prime Minister “Sheikh Hasina” officially opened the broadband connection in the capital city Dhaka, by the President Zillur Rahman on video telephony spoke in his palace.

Teletalk drawn first 300 000 people in Dhaka with the service, later he will also be available approximately one million customers are in other regions of the country are available. Five private mobile phone companies which have a total of almost 100 million customers in Bangladesh, will the entry into the 3G service in the middle of next year, allows a spokesperson for the mobile office.

Teletalk 3G network provides high-speed download, video calling and mobile TV for Bangladeshi Teletalk users. In Digital Bangladesh Digital 3g service, Bangladeshi people are so excited about this 3G network.

But now Teletalk 3g service in under test. Within short time it will full run, when it break all Barrier.

Teletalk started selling their 3G network technology in 3000 retail point of Teletalk and 8 special customer care centers in the city from Monday.

The existing Teletalk can turn their SIM into 3G network technology, for this they have to contact with teletalk contact customer care centers.

There are five Bangladeshi TV channels Deals with Teletalk to do 3G network for BD users. Bangladeshi TV channels 3G network service providers are Bangladesh Television (BTV), RTV, MyTV, Shomoy Television and GTV.

At present Teletalk make available e-result, e-admission, e-health and public awareness for its subscribers.

TeleTalk authorities will start contacting those who have signed up at the ”Gravity Club” in the last few months. You can join ”Gravity Club” now.

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