Teletalk 3G modem launched in Bangladesh

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Teletalk 3G modem

Teletalk 3G modems launched on 1st January 2013, with 4 Megabits per second maximum speed, later than operating 3G services for one and a half months.

The name of Teletalk 3G modems is ””Flash””. The state-owned mobile operator launched the Teletalk 3G modems ””Flash”” with the largest package of 10 GB data and one SIM card at Tk 2,500 only. The Teletalk customers will have to use up the free data within 10 days of activation, said a Teletalk customer service provider.

“Our People will have the chance to enjoy 3G internet experience through mobile phones as well as modems,” said the managing director of Teletalk.

Teletalk will be launching its 3G service in Chittagong and Sylhet on February 2013. Teletalk 3G modems service known as ””dongle””. In Teletalk there are Two types of packages: Postpaid and Prepaid.

Teletalk 3G modem Prepaid:

The prepaid plan includes 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 10GB and unlimited packages at Tk 300, Tk 500, Tk 625, Tk 1,000 and Tk 1,500 with 512Kbps speed. Two other packages, at Tk 800 and Tk 1,200, provide 4GB and 8GB internet services with 1Mbps speed.

Teletalk 3G modem Postpaid:

In the postpaid plan, customers will have to spend Tk 500, Tk 900 and Tk 1,500 to use 4GB, 12GB and unlimited packages with 512Kbps speed, while Tk 1,400 and Tk 2,500 will allow the usage of 10GB internet with 1Mbps and 2Mbps speed respectively.

Teletalk 3G services launched on October 2012. Teletalk has 70,000 3G subscribers. If you interested, you can buy the Teletalk 3G modem from the Teletalk Sale Centres. Teletalk 3G modem fixed within Tk 25,000 only.

Teletalk 3g modem price and data plan

Teletalk 3G modem