SUST and JSTU Admission Test 2013-2014

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This year arranged a combined admission test of SUST and JSTU. Candidate appear in a single admission test at his/her  choice of examination center, either in Jessore or in Sylhet will considered for admission in both the universities. For registration to one university candidate has to send his/her HSC information from any  Teletalk prepaid mobile phone. Your information will be verified with the results collected from Education Boards and if you are worthy you will be moved through to complete the registration process by providing the information of their choice of the center and the unit. Finally the registration fee will be Subtraction, from their mobile phone and they will be notified by a SMS about the completion of the admission registration in that university.

Registration for admission test will be done within 1 October 2013 to 25 October 2013 through sms from a Tetetalk prepaid mobile phone.

Registration Procedure:

Step 1

  • Students have to send a SMS from any Teletalk Prepaid mobile phone to 16222.
  • SMS Format : University-Code< space >Board-Code< space >HSC-Roll< space >HSC-Passing-Year< space >Unit-Keyword
  • University Code: SUST or JSTU
  • Board Code: First 3 letters of H.S.C/Equivalent/Technical/Madrasah board
  • SMS Example :  SUST< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2013< space >A1
  • SMS Example :  JSTU< space >DHA< space >123456< space >2013< space >B5

If the student is eligible then they will get a reply SMS with a PIN

Step 2

  • In order to proceed the registration, students have to send another SMS (with their PIN) from any Teletalk Prepaid mobile to 16222
  • SMS Format : University-Code< space >YES< space >PIN< space >Contact-No< space >Exam-Center-Code
  • SMS Example :   SUST< space >YES< space >PIN< space >01xxxxxxxxx< space >SUST
  • SMS Example :   SUST< space >YES< space >PIN< space >01xxxxxxxxx< space >JSTU
  • SMS Example :   JSTU< space >YES< space >PIN< space >01xxxxxxxxx< space >SUST
  • SMS Example :   JSTU< space >YES< space >PIN< space >01xxxxxxxxx< space >JSTU

Finally a Congratulations Message and the Admission Roll will be received if the Teletalk mobile contains sufficient amount for application fees.

UnitKey WordSMS Format
AA1SUST< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2013< space >A1
A2JSTU< space >DHA< space >123456< space >2013< space >A2
BB1SUST< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2013< space >B1
B2SUST< space >DHA< space >123456< space >2013< space >B2
B3SUST< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2013< space >B3
B4SUST< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2013< space >B4
B5JSTU< space >DHA< space >123456< space >2013< space >B5
B6JSTU< space >DHA< space >123456< space >2013< space >B6
B7JSTU< space >SYL< space >123456< space >2013< space >B7

 Important things:

  1. Applicant can apply for both SUST & JSTU individually. Applicant can also apply for both units (A and B) individually but cannot apply in more than one sub-unit in same university.
  2. GCE and Bangladesh Open Unversity students and those students who received the SMS like ””Teletalk database does not have your complete information”” from Teletalk are required to fill-up the online registration form on the website or After successful registration, the student will get an code number and send a SMS like University-Code< space >WEB< space >Code-Number< space >HSC-Passing-Year< space >Desired-Unit-Keyword to the 16222 number using a prepaid Teletalk mobile phone.
    Example : SUST< space > WEB< space >123456< space >2013< space >A1
    Example : JSTU< space > WEB< space >123456< space >2013< space >B7
  3. Student should bring 2 recently taken passport size photographs during the admission test attested by the head of the institution or local UP chairman or ward councilor or Gazetted Officer or university teacher. Applicant should also write their admission roll number and name on the back-side of the photographs. This photograph will be considered as the admit card and no one are allowed to attend to the admission test without it.
  4. Students can get any information regarding to the admission test by sending an SMS like SUST< space >Desired-Keyword or JSTU< space >Desired-Keyword to 16242 from any mobile operator. Use the following keyword(s) to get any kind of information regarding to the admission test : DATE, FEES, EXAM SUB, REQD GPA, TOTAL SEAT, FORGOT ROLL, FORGOT CENTER & HELP.


There are TWO units in the admission test. They are unit A and unit B.

 Departments and seats under A Unit

DepartmentSeats (Science+Humanities+Commerce)
Economics (ECO)40+20+5=65
Sociology (SOC)30+30+5=65
Political Studies (PSS)20+40+5=65
Public Administration (PAD)20+40+5=65
Anthropology (ANP)20+40+5=65
Social Work (SCW)25+35+5=65
Business Administration (BUS)30+10+30=70
English (ENG)30+35+5=70
Bangla (BNG)5+60+5=70
Total Seats220+310+70=600
English (ENG)30
Physical Education & Sports Science (PESS)40
Total Seats70

Departments and seats under B Unit

GroupDepartmentSeats (Science)
1Physics (PHY)65
Chemistry (CHE)65
Mathematics (MAT)80
Statistics (STA)80
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)60
Chemical Engineering & Polimar Science (CEP)50
Industrial & Production Engineering (IPE)50
Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE)50
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)35
Food Engineering & Tea Technology (FET)40
Petroleum & Mining Engineering (PME)35
Geography and Environment (GEE)40
2Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology (GEB)35
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB)30
Foresty and Environmental Science (FES)55
3Architecture (ARC)30
Total Seats800
GroupDepartmentSeats (Science)
1Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)50
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)35
Petroleum & Mining Engineering (PME)35
Mathematics & Statistics (Math)30
Chemical Engineering (ChE)40
Industrial & Production Engineering (IPE)35
Chemistry (Chem)30
Physics (Phy)30
4Pharmacy (Pharm)40
Fisheries & Marine Bioscience (FMB)45
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology (GEBT)40
Microbiology (MB)45
5Nutrition & Food Technology (NFT)40
Environmental Science & Technology (EST)45
Total Seats540


In SUST, a total 63 accessory seats are present for the students in three categories:

 Son/Daughter of Freedom Fighter (25 seats), Indigenous (25 seats) and c (13 seats) and in JSTU, a total 42 additional seats are reserved only for the students under the three categories: son/daughter of Freedom Fighter (30 seats), Indigenous (6 seats) and Disabled (6 seats).          These reserved seats, a student has to upload their related certificate to the admission website ( or until October 25, 2013.

Moreover, students awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal by International Math Olympiad / International Informatics Olympiad / International Physics Olympiad or any other International Olympiad will have the opportunity to get enroll to their desired subject in any one of the both university without admission test.


  1. A student must have the following minimum and total GPA requirements in S.S.C & H.S.C :
UnitMinimum GPA (Both S.S.C & H.S.C)Total GPA (Both S.S.C & H.S.C)
  1. G.C.E O level must have B grade at least in 3 subjects and pass in at least 5 subjects and A level must have B grade in at least 2 courses and pass in at least 3 courses.

Subject wise:

To get admitted in a department one student must have at least 3.5 in H.S.C/Equivalent or B grade in G.C.E A level in the required subjects.

DepartmentsCorresponding Required Subjects
PHY, CSE, IPE, ARC, EEEPhysics, Mathematics
CEE, PMEPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics
CHE, CEPChemistry, Mathematics
GEB, BMBBiology, Chemistry, Mathematics
MAT, STAMathematics
GEE, FES, FETBiology, Mathematics
SOC, SCW, PSS, PAD, ANPSociology or Civics or Logic or Economics or Social Welfare or Commercial Geography or English or any subject of Commerce/Science group.
ECOEconomics or Mathematics or Statistics or Economics and Commercial Geography or English
BUSEconomics or Mathematics or Statistics or English or any Subject of Science/Commerce Group
DepartmentsCorresponding Required Subjects
GEBT, EST, MB, FMB, Pharm, NFTBiology, Chemistry
ChE, PMEPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Phy, CSE, IPE, EEEPhysics, Mathematics
ChemChemistry, Mathematics

Admission Test Fees:

UnitKeyword (Sub-Unit)DepartmentsFees
(Including VAT)
AA1All subjects under A Unit650 Taka
BB1All subjects under Group 1650 Taka
B2All subjects under Group 1 & Group 2700 Taka
B3All subjects under Group 1 & Architecture700 Taka
B4All subjects under Group 1, Group 2 & Architecture750 Taka
UnitKeyword (Sub-Unit)DepartmentsFees
(Including VAT)
AA2English, Physical Education & Sports Science500 Taka
BB5All subjects under Group 1 & Group 5950 Taka
B6All subjects under Group 4 & Group 5950 Taka
B7All subjects under Group 1, Group 4 & Group 51000 Taka

Time & Date  of Examination

DateDayA UnitB Unit
30 November 2013 Saturday9:30 AM2:30 PM

Question Format:

Question paper will be given in Bangla . If any candidate wants to have question in English he/she has to aware at this website ( or within 25 October 2013.

Examination Procedure:

Examination will be completely performed in MCQ system. For every wrong answer 0.25 marks will be reduced.  Black ball point must use for fill the OMR Form.

Keyword (Sub-Unit)Exam SubjectsExam Duration
A1Science :
English (20), Bangla (10), Physics (10), Chemistry (10), Math/Biology (10), Bangladesh & International Affairs (30)
1 Hour 30 Min
Humanities :
English (20), Bangla (10), Economics, Civics, Logic, Social Science, Social Welfare, History and Islamic History, Bangladesh & International Affairs (30), General Mathematics (10)
1 Hour 30 Min
Commerce :
English (20), Bangla (10), Accounting, Business Policies and Application, Bangladesh & International Affairs (30), General Mathematics (10)
1 Hour 30 Min
B1English (10), Physics (20), Chemistry (20), Math (20)1 Hour 30 Min
B2English (10), Physics (20), Chemistry (20), Math (20), Biology (20)1 Hour 30 Min + 30 Min = 2 Hour
B3English (10), Physics (20), Chemistry (20), Math (20), Drawing (30)1 Hour 30 Min + 1 Hours = 2 Hour 30 Min
B4English (10), Physics (20), Chemistry (20), Math (20), Biology (20), Drawing (30)1 Hour 30 Min + 30 Min + 1 Hour = 3 Hour
Keyword (Sub-Unit)Exam SubjectsExam Duration
A2Same as A11 Hour 30 Min
B5English (10), Physics (20), Chemistry (20), Math (20)1 Hour 30 Min
B6English (10), Physics (20), Chemistry (20), Biology (20)1 Hour 30 Min
B7English (10), Physics (20), Chemistry (20), Math (20), Biology (20)1 Hour 30 Min + 30 Min = 2 Hour