Samsung Galaxy S3: Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2 update for download

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Samsung currently offers an impressive range of different Android devices. Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most popular smartphone by far in 2012. Now the latest version of the Android operating system 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is finally available for Samsungs flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Android

After the owner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 some had to wait several weeks for Jelly Bean 4.1.2, the Korean manufacturer has now released the final version that is finally released for download. Meanwhile, more than two months are taken into the country, since the Android version is 4.1.2 for the first time with our neighbors in Poland was officially commissioned at the start.

Since been added to and to other countries, and Samsung has now announced that are later than the end of January 2013, all owners of a Galaxy S3 have access to the latest Android version. Now the version 4.2 is available – but so far only for the Google Nexus 4 smartphone. The Jelly Bean Android update to version 4.1.2 provides users with the Galaxy S3 some interesting new features and improvements.

The most exciting new feature is the so-called Mutli-window function. This feature, which is already known from the Galaxy Note 2 can use two applications in parallel. Thus, one can, for example: leave the browser window open while you simultaneously make entries in the calendar.

Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean free download?

Furthermore provides Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2 an updated user interface, together with a new notification area and a new Gallery app. The firmware update can be the one simple and straightforward start on the so-called over-the-air function. On the other hand, the Galaxy S3, but you can also connect via KIES with the computer and update your phone to the Android Jelly Bean version 4.1.2.