Nokia’s Android Smartphone Nokia X 2014 Unveiled Today

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Nokia’s Android Smartphone Nokia X 2014 has been officially unveiled today by Stephen Elop, the MWC at an event in Barcelona, Spain. But not only that an Android device has pulled out of a hat, the Finns, but three: the Nokia X + and the Nokia XL are also one of the party. The price has it all: the devices cost 89-109 Euros plus taxes. The UK and US prices for the smart phone have not yet been declared.

Nokia X 2014

As already known, the two models have Nokia X and Nokia X +, which are similar in terms of features, very, over 4 inches diagonally measuring display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, an elderly 1GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor and 512 MB RAM. The internal flash memory is 4 GB in size and can be extended at the Nokia X + via microSD card. The camera Nokia continues to a 3 MP sensor. WLAN and Bluetooth are obviously on board.

The Nokia XL name suggests, the Android phone has a larger screen with a 5 inch screen size but meager 800 x 480 pixels – more is at the low price is not quite possible. The inner values are almost identical: Snapdragon S4, 512 MB RAM and 4GB of flash memory, which is expandable via microSD card. Instead of a 3 MP camera Nokia, however, has built a 5 MP clippers and a 2 MP front camera.

The software part of Nokia to Android 4.1.2 with extensive optical adjustments so that the models do not differ at the first glance of the Lumia devices – the UI is accordingly held in tile appearance. Although the OS is based on AOSP, but Google’s services are not on board. Alternatively, the Finns rely on Microsoft’s cloud services. Furthermore, Nokia and Microsoft services such OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), Mix Radio, Outlook and Maps HERE on board. Google’s Play Store is also not to be found, instead, can apps be downloaded from the Nokia Store or Yandex, and also the sideload apps is possible. Skype is also pre-installed.

According to Nokia, the Nokia X from now on will come at a price of 89 Euros (MSRP without taxes) in many bright colors on the market – except in Europe, it is in Asia-Pacific, India, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa are offered. The Nokia X + and the Nokia XL will be available only in the course of the second quarter in the same regions. The devices are certainly not for fans of top-class devices, for the masses and as a second-Smartphone likely to Nokia androids probably not be uninteresting.

Nokia X Android Smartphone price Bangladesh

Nokia X Smartphone price will be 9,523; the Nokia X + price will be 10593 and the Nokia XL 11,663 in Bangladesh. You can but Nokia X Android Smartphone from Nokia customer care centers.

What do you think of the first (and last?) Android smartphone from the house of Nokia?