iPhone 6 Photos: This could be the new Apple iPhone – Concept images

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iPhone 6 Photos expose as Concept image. The iPhone 5 is well known, only a few weeks on the market, and yet is already being discussed now on the iPhone 6. This fact amply demonstrates how fickle the world of technology is currently because there is hardly any product on the market, already are the first rumors about the successor of the web to find.

Whilst it is true that current speculation regarding the iPhone 6 still in the realm of myths and legends, but is still worth a quick look at the current rumors. The iPhone 6 is a fingerprint scanner? This rumor is already making the rounds for quite some time, and in the past has also been brought in connection with the iPhone 5.

iPhone 6 Photos

Recently, a number of patents have been leaked by Apple where a fingerprint scanner to increase security describes the rumors in this regard have once again gained momentum. Since this technique is still in its infancy, is currently assumed rather not assume that they will be used in the iPhone 6.

According to another interesting rumor which only recently started making the rounds, Apple will use the case of the iPhone 6 liquid crystals. These are the so-called PDLC technology will make it possible that parts of the housing can be adjusted in color. Thus, for example, the back would act as a unified whole.

iPhone 6

If the current iPhone 5 the camera is known to be deposited bar with a different color than the rest of the housing. Through the PDLC technology, the lens and the flash would only be visible when you start this by an application. But even here it is doubtful whether this technique has already reached market maturity.

apple iPhone 6 Photo

Apple itself has, as expected, been no official comment on the current speculation. Therefore currently remains only to be seen which of these rumors will be confirmed at the end actually. We report again about iPhone 6 as soon as there is new exciting information.

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