iPhone 6 photos published of the next Apple smartphone

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iphone 6 photo

iPhone 6 photos: The rumor about the upcoming iPhone 6 has already begun to bubble and constantly come to new messages. Well supposedly the first pictures and photos iPhone 6 of the next smartphone from Apple were published.

The ETrade Supply Company has released the alleged first iPhone 6 photos recently. ETrade stated that it was here at the new back-cover of the next generation iPhone. It is also claimed that the pictures were taken at one of the production lines. The iPhone in the picture is different from the current iPhone 5, only with an “X” next to the Apple logo, indicating a test device.

According to ETrade supply a prototype of the upcoming iPhone 6 also noted that the position of the holes for screws which are used for fastening of the board, were changed. iPhone 6 photos moving all over the world.

ETrade Supply stated that the images could also represent the iPhone 5S and not the iPhone 6 which is well known, a minor upgrade over the previous version. However, there are other rumors that revolve around the next Apple iPhone. Some American tech bloggers suggest that the new iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 a smart cover could have and has an internal mini-projector.

These rumors came on reinforced after 3D renderings of past Apple patents have been created for the iPhone. According to recent media reports, everything suggests that the new iPhone will come towards the middle of 2013 on the market, at least in the considered to be reliable Taiwanese tech blog Digi Times.

It was reported that Apple and T-Mobile USA have entered into a comprehensive partnership for 2013 to “products will work together to bring to market.” This led to speculation that the next iPhone and iPad could be sold only on a mobile operator, just like the early days of the iPhone.