iphone 5 reviews: All the features of the new Apple phone

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iphone 5 reviews: The Apple iPhone 5 is still in the future. Apple itself has no information on the upcoming iPhone. Nevertheless, the Internet is full of rumors about the iPhone 5 The most important and hottest rumors on the Apple iPhone 5 we have summarized.

Performance: iPhone 5 with Dual-core Processor

The successors of the iPad and iPhone Apple appears to place value on performance. So shall the next generation of these products not only the all-new A5 chip the iPad, in addition to twice the graphics power is a hallmark of the iPad 2. The new mobile tablet computer that is interesting for gamers? And what hardware is behind the touch screen?

The performance of the Apple iPhone 5 is expected to be well above the current iPhone 4. We are talking here of a faster processor with a higher clock frequency. A power boost the iPhone 5 will probably need too because LG has announced the Optimus 2X, the first smartphone with dual-core processor.

Some time ago, it transpired that the new iPad with 2,048 x 1,536 pixels high definition comes along. After the A4 chip, the CPU, GPU and memory and currently combines iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch provides, now is the A5 chip can be installed. The iPhone 5 will definitely be equipped with the new processor. Especially the new GPU consisting of PowerVR SGX543MP2 graphics core deserves a closer look.

iphone 5 camera

8 megapixel camera and Full HD Video

The upcoming Apple smartphone will have a much better camera. It is reported that Apple is the iPhone 5 mounting a camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels and full HD video function. The corresponding CMOS sensors to be already ordered. In addition to the upcoming iPhone be able to record HD video in 1080p.

The camera of the Apple iPhone 4 makes good photos and raunchy videos. The successor should both be even better. Studies are currently being reported on the Internet that Apple iPhone 5 is the block a revised camera. The speech is from a digital camera with a resolution of up to 8-megapixel still images. Videos will also be possible in full HD. The CMOS sensors for the new Apple iPhone camera should have been ordered.

OmniVision, the supplier will begin production of the new 8-megapixel sensors in the coming month. Videos in full HD with this chip should be able to record up to 30 frames per second. This suggests a further conjecture, because processing this data to flood, it would be likely that the Apple iPhone 5 is replaced by a dual-core processor. Also new: The Apple iPhone 5 is to be able to support the uncompressed RAW image format. Even with cheap digital cameras, this is far from any standard.

Even if it is hard for truth in rumors about the Apple iPhone 5 to estimate, so it must be noted that the above data correspond to a logical technical development. This way, the latest Apple iPhone 5 is a resolution of 5 megapixels for still images and HD videos in function. The presentation of the upcoming Apple smartphone is expected in early June. Then you will know if the rumors are true.

Apple patent shows FM radio in iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 could also get a first radio. Apple is working on integrating an FM radio, as is clear from current patent applications. About the Radio app also should be more information available to the music or to the transmitter. GPS also want Apple to integrate into the Radio app. This could enable whole new map navigation capabilities between channels.

Every day seep through new specifications for the upcoming iPhone 5. Now it is the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which supplies Apple fans with new information and thus brings more rumors. According to a recently published patent application itself, the new device may even boast a built-in FM radio. A standard that is built today they came in nearly any mobile phone but pose for the iPhone would be a novelty.

The built-in mobile radio is no longer a novelty more. A built-in radio in the iPhone very well. The popular smartphone shone since the first version with technical innovations, however, who had used his cell phone with built-in radio receiver, was disappointed in the otherwise all-rounder. But this will change now, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This recently published a patent application, which deals with the reception of FM, AM and satellite channels on the iPhone.

LTE support: Fast Data Connections

The successor to UMTS is named Long Term Evolution, or LTE shortly. LTE is still way off, but there are rumors saying that Apple plans to the new technology in the upcoming iPhone 5 to integrate. The Apple iPhone 5 can therefore provide high-speed data connections keep up if the power failure and the renovation of development can.

Long Term Evolution, the successor of UMTS is known, according to Wang Jianzhou, Chief of the Chinese operator China Mobile; soon find their way into Apple””””s iPhone. For over 10 years, the successor to UMTS is in development and now Apple is working on the implementation of the new mobile radio standard TD-LTE. This Wang Jianzhou said at a recent industry event.

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is, in contrast to his predecessor UMTS, make bandwidths of up to 100 Mbit / s. This is intended and radio towers can work more efficiently, as a single radio tower, could allow expansion with minimal components, mobile Internet in a radius of up to 100 kilometers. This would relieve the operator essential. Addition to LTE terminals to make it possible, permanently connected to the Internet to be.

Now the rumors spread that LTE will be integrated into the upcoming iPhone 5. First LTE phone masts are already at the end of 2010 into operation, Vodafone also offers since December 2010, to an LTE surf stick. The iPhone 5 is expected to appear in mid-2011 and is designed to support UMTS and LTE. Due to the enormous bandwidth mobile surfing would run much faster. But if the rumors are indeed confirmed, for now remains only to be seen, because so far there is no further information from Apple.

iphone5 Sim card

Integrated SIM card? Provider change without a SIM card exchange

When Apple iPhone 5 could forego a normal SIM card. Instead, a chip will be integrated into the smartphone which plays the role of a SIM card and includes the data saved on it. The Provider change could thus work without a SIM card exchange.

For some time, there are rumors that the new iPhone will be equipped with 5 multi integrated SIM card. Making the switch between mobile operators is much easier. iPhone 5 users can choose in the future on the AppStore their mobile operator. They had at each border crossing insert a different SIM card to make phone calls to local tariffs can. It is also possible with this technology, flexible any time select the best and suitable for personal needs best phone tariff.

One will probably already in the AppStore is an overview of the telephone rates from different providers in different European countries. The user can only buy a new iPhone and then decide spontaneously for the best deal.

Technology, the new card has a ROM and a flash memory. The ROM area while the data for the network security of the individual providers are stored during the flash area the information about each network operator stores. If you have signed up with a provider via the Internet, the corresponding data will be automatically written to the appropriate part of the new multi-SIM card.

iOS 5 with round menu navigation

There are again rumors about a new Apple patent. This time it is the click wheel as we know it from the iPod Classic. The Internet blog unwired.com wants to hear about the U.S. patent authorities that Apple has applied for a patent, with the click wheel could soon appear also touch on the touch screen of the iPhone and the iPod.

According to a recent patent applications Apple is working on a new form of representation for menus. Instead of a grid, the individual icons are arranged in a circle. Whether Apple will use this with the iPhone 5 remains to be seen. One reason for the menu arrangement could be due to the fact of being able to put more icons on a screen. The application with the U.S. Patent Office, Apple has added a feature sketch. It can be seen that it is in the menu is not a simple circle but to various menu icons, which are arranged in a circle on the screen. Here, the user is first find a clean structure of circularly arranged some basic functions.

iphone5 3d

iPhone 5 3D display like the Nintendo 3DS

Latest Rumors say that it can not be excluded that the iPhone 5 is a 3D display could be used. The display will work without 3D glasses. Corresponding patent applications from Apple have been received. It is unclear whether Apple will integrate the new technology actually in the iPhone 5.

Very latest, since the iPhone 4 with its high-resolution Retina display, we know that the Apple monitor its products are particularly close to my heart. Many insiders expect that the iPhone 5 with a 3D display comes on the market, without the need for wearing glasses is necessary. Nintendo did with the 3DS already brought a similar technology to market. Apple filed a patent in 2010, which again goes one step further than the Nintendo 3DS. In the following section, we show you what is in the rumors turn.

3D techniques to make the distance between the two eyes advantage. A spatial impression like in that in the right and in the left eye two respective different two-dimensional images are perceived to be composed in the head to a three-dimensional image. Traditional 3D techniques therefore work with glasses, are incorporated into the filter, can be seen by each eye, in each case only half of the generated images.

Thus, the new Apple display without special glasses can produce 3D images in the device sensors is installed. They can register the distance to the right and left eye of the viewer and its movements. So right and left eye then actually perceive two different images, aligning each individual pixel can be projected onto a screen. This then reflects the pixels in the corresponding angles of the eyes.

Another amazing effect of the patent: The eye sensor allows the display and interactive functions in which the presentation on the display itself can be influenced by the movements of the eyes. Whether the new 3D display but really is ripe for the iPhone 5 generation remains to be seen.

iPhone 5 with 4-inch display and a thinner casing version

On the Internet images of body parts have surfaced that will offer a taste of the upcoming Apple iPhone 5. The photo shows the front of a smartphone to iPhone look. The typical black borders around the screen seem to fail significantly narrower. In return, the surface thus obtained the display used to benefit. The Apple iPhone 5 could thus receive a much larger display.

The current iPhone 4 does have a very high resolution, as compared to other smartphones, the display is rather small, however. With the Apple iPhone 5 might change. Photos from the Internet now housing parts have surfaced that will offer a taste of the upcoming Apple iPhone 5. The photo shows the front of a smartphone to iPhone look. The typical black borders around the screen seems to fail significantly narrower. In return, the surface thus obtained the display used to benefit.

The Apple iPhone 5 could thus receive a much larger display. The now emerged images fit to previous rumors that Apple is planning the display of the iPhone coming to zoom on a commercial 4 inch. In order for the Apple smartphone would be on a par with comparable smartphones with Android or Windows Phone 7 The now emerged additionally put pictures to the suspicion that the next iPhone will fail despite a larger screen barely larger than the current model.

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