Google wants more partners for Chromebooks

, Michael Bond, Comment closed

The Internet giant Google wants to increase the number of hardware partners for the production of its Chromebooks. The reported the news magazine Focus in its latest issue. “We stand with the Chromebooks at the very beginning. Soon to be new and better devices on the market,” Linus Upson, vice president of engineering at Google said.

google chromebook

There will be new models of the current hardware partners Samsung and Acer and devices from other manufacturers. Even Google itself wants, similar to the Nexus series of smartphones and tablets, offering its own Chromebook.

Google’s been moderately successful Chromebook concept competes with Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X. Devices are already having 280 Euro and sparse in comparison with conventional notebooks equipped because the data storage and many other tasks to cloud services from Google left.

The first version of Chrome OS was virtually only from a browser, load the online programs from the net. The current also has a virtual desktop, and comes as the operating concept of conventional PC systems closer. In addition, a Chromebook can now be operated offline.