Facebook focuses on Mobile Devices

, Michael Bond, Comment closed

Facebook is currently focused more on the development of mobile devices than PCs. The Vaughan Smith, vice president of the company said it at a conference in San Jose, according to CNet. Smith assured that his company now knows the importance of the mobile Web Site. Therefore, all the engineers were trained for the mobile devices development.

Also, the update cycle for the Android and iOS apps, as well as the overall process of product development was accelerated. At the moment it is most important to advance on mobile devices, desktop devices could follow later.

Facebook Mobile Devices

Users, who switch to the mobile services from Facebook, used the network about 20 percent more than the other, Smith said. In early October, the company had announced that now some 600 million people mobile access to Facebook. However, the site is still the most important starting point, even if you count all the apps together. Therefore, Facebook will continue to invest in HTML5 but not exclusively.

The portal is available since its IPO under increasing pressure to make more money in May. Especially the exchange of many users to the mobile services had been viewed as a problem. On smartphones is generally less space for advertising with which the company earns money mainly. Facebook founder Zuckerberg had declared in mid-September, wanting to devote more to the problem.