Elder system of technology in Bangladesh

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Technology in Bangladesh

Technology in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a comparatively long knowledge in the use of computers – Though the first frame “second generation” computer was installed in 1964 at Dhaka. Technology in Bangladesh day by day developing. But usage of PC and its popularization begins very late. Recently the government has withdrawn import duties from Computer and computer related marginal and in point of fact boost up the usage computer for funeral purposes and very shortly some of the large banks and industrial concerns started using computers at their systems, mainly for accounting and payroll applications. The utility companies (e.g. gas, electricity) also started using the bureau facilities of these installations for their customer billing.

The financial crisis that the country faced immediately unfortunately after its independence in 1971 did not permit the sustenance of this early lead and lack of maintenance forced the closure of most of these fixing. Even, now the scopes of computerization and effective application are severely underutilized due to many governmental policies. Although the possibility of export of data entry services and software from Bangladesh has been discussed for over a decade and very few companies were successful in getting some work from outside.

In June 1997, the Government of Bangladesh appointed a Committee to look into the problems and forecast of export of software from Bangladesh. In September 1997 the Committee submitted its report. It contained both short term & medium term 45 recommendations, some of these recommendations have already been implemented and the government has asked different concerned ministries to go ahead with implementing the other recommendations. Technology in Bangladesh has many achievements, such as: exporting software, making robot and Outsourcing is the best sector Technology in Bangladesh .

National Computer Committee was set up in 1983, in order to co-ordinate the computerization activities of government and semi-government agencies. This was transformed into the National Computer Board in 1988 and by an Act of Parliament Bangladesh Computer Council was set up in 1989. It had some initial problems and faced a lot of criticism from the IT community when it became more of a regulatory body, rather than a promotional body as initially visualize. It is planned to strengthen BCC by inducting more IT professionals, so that it can play a bigger role in IT development in the public sector, particularly in human resource development. Technology in Bangladesh has already earned familiarity all over the world.

We are to know that now a large number of Bangladeshis are working in the IT field in different companies in USA and other countries. They are gradually moving up the organizational hierarchy. The government is trying to get the assistance of these non-resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) in IT development, particularly by giving them incentives to set up software companies in Bangladesh.

They research and continue learning about IT related subjects. Technology in Bangladesh is not a small market, now a days it capture a big market. Technology is one of blessing to us now.

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